Vital Statistics Website Makeover

It had to happen. Our old site was a bit outdated with Clunky links and dated images. You didn’t have to tell us, it was as clear as daylight. It was time for a makeover. Over the past few weeks we have been busy at redeveloping the website. Our new website, aside from being aesthetically pleasing,

$300 Dashboard – Get it Now!

ENJOY THE ACTION! It’s all your team needs. Determination, motivation…….and the scores. Our ‘Tell me the scores’ dashboard delivers it all. For only $300, your team gets the scores live; Daily Sales Dial, Monthly Sales Graph (Actual vs Target), and Monthly Sales Dial. Daily Sales Dial Auto Updating Target ensures that your team is right up

Sales Team Analysis Tool (STAT) Dashboard

Following on From Vital Statsitics highly successful Ultimate Dashboard , we have recieved much demand for a Dashboard tailored to suit a Sales Manager. VitalStatistics proudly presents to you our latest dashboard that will suit a sale manager with all the gauges and graphs that you will find useful at ascertaining how your business is